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In the near future, four friends traveling to a remote national park find themselves in a harrowing fight for survival as they fall prey to a blood thirsty hunter, eager to feed his mysterious beasts

Written by Thomas Simon

Directed by Thomas Simon

Producer Rosanne Milliken

Producer Jan Fantl

Executive Producer Erin Gilchrist

Cinematographer Joel Schaeffer

Status: The project is currently in pre-production stages, having secured part of the final budget through pre-sales deals and private investors. We are currently finalizing the financing alongside casting the picture and aim to be entering production in September 2021.


Screenplay and Full Pitch Deck available on request.


Feeder was written from a need to create a story that was both original in its concept and execution and paid homage to the
classics of horror I grew up with and cherished. Inspired by classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and Deliverance (1972) and contemporary masterpieces such as The Witch (2015) and A Quiet Place (2018), I envision Feeder to extend the genre into rarely seen territory. The key to this creative puzzle is our antagonist’s secret weapon: The Beasts. They are the element that motivates him to kill, gives this film an edge and transports the viewer along with the protagonist’s fight for survival. My aspiration is to create intelligent cinema, regardless of genre. This means centering the plot around strong thematics that serve as a compass to the storyline, and constantly challenging the viewer's expectations.


Feeder is one hell of a ride, it’s a fun time in the cinemas or at home with friends, it’s self aware and not trying to reinvent the wheel of horror, just push the cart a little further up the hill. It will satisfy the viewer's craving for gory violence and leave audiences wanting more.


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In the wake of Covid-19, human kind is rallying together more than ever before as we have raised our global consciousness towards acceptance that we are all on this planet for a finite amount of time. We also are in a place where we feel more united than we have ever been, with the virus affecting everyone across the planet. Feeder's storyline unfolds on a backdrop suffering from the direct consequences of climate change and the decimation of the animal world. In that sense, it is very much in touch with the global issues of our time and the need for our species to step up and tackle our past mistakes.
Furthermore, the horror genre is a beloved one that unites us against a single antagonist, makes us jump off our seats and propels us into the skin of the protagonist's and their survival instinct like no other. It offers an exhilarating time in the cinemas or at home that is much needed in the wake of the last few months of uncertainty. Finally, from a production standpoint, this film is a great opportunity to implement diversity in our cast and crew and further work towards closing the gaps of inequalities in the film industry.


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Writer and Director

Thomas loves the craft of filmmaking more than anything. He developed his taste and knowledge for world cinema in his early teens, at a time where his
brother worked in a video store and brought home dozens of classics every evening. This was to be the catalyst for his future career. Currently with four narrative short films to his name,
Feeder will be his feature film debut. With a keen eye for storytelling and a meticulous approach to pace and style, he is the captain of this ship.


Lead Producer

Rosanne Milliken is an award winning producer known for the TV series' Breaker High, The Ninja Turtles: Next Mutation, The New Addams Family, the feature films Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 starring Jon Voight, School of Life starring Ryan Reynolds and David Paymer.


Lead Producer

Jan Fantl has vast experience in international entertainment business, co- producing, co-financing, selling and managing productions; for Media Funds, Studios and several own companies.

Fantl is currently in development of court room action series Ei$enberg,, sci-fi thriller Send Her My Love , period adventure series StrayLords and horror thriller Feeder.

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Executive Producer

Born in Hong Kong and brought up with traveling parents on all sides of the planet, her family settled in Montreal, and Erin is a proud Canadian. With a degree in Film Studies and a diploma in Entertainment Business Management, She has worked with a vast array of production companies around the world, has gathered bulletproof experience on just about everything that involves a camera and brings brute force and a kind spirit to each project she undertakes.

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Kiwi Cinematographer Joel Schaeffer comes from an extensive technical background, that culminated in his enrollment in the AFI in 2017. He’s
recently graduated with his Masters Degree in Cinematography and shot his first feature. He has worked on various commercials, narrative short
films, documentaries and virtually every type of film projects. There isn’t a film set that wouldn’t benefit from his expertise.


In a near future where all wildlife nears extinction, Cara, Tristan, Emily and Josh are set out on the vacation of a lifetime to an untouched National Park still harboring wild animals.

Shortly after landing, the group stops at a diner and are warned off dangers lurking in the forest by the local waitress. They then cross path with an ominous truck who almost run them off the road.

Whilst entering the forest, Josh inadvertently runs over a fox, an event that dramatically impacts Emily. Following this, they set up camp and Emily wakes up in the middle of the night, startled by a similar animal, before the passing light of a truck scares it away.

The next morning, Emily and Josh are startled by someone searching the direct vicinity of their camp and meet SVEN, a climber visiting the park, who informs them that his friend OLAF has gone missing the night previous.

The same day, Josh suffers a sudden fall on a slippery rock and badly twists his ankle whilst on a trek. With the dying daylight, Tristan rushes back to find help at the Ranger’s station. He narrowly avoids running into the truck seen earlier and is forced off road, crashing into the forest. Emily, Josh and Cara wake up in the woods the next day. Ranger Tommy arrives to help, but reveals he never saw Tristan. Cara notices tire tracks on the road, finding the scene of the crash, but no signs of Tristan. Back at the station, the crew calls the authorities.


Ranger Tommy gets attacked by an unseen beast, leaving the trio to explain the weird events to the TWO POLICE OFFICERS sent to help. Accompanied by officers Parish and Newman, the group begins
the search for Tristan, unaware they are being hunted from afar. Newman calls for backup when a rifle shot pierces through his head. Emily, Josh, Cara and Parish take off running into the forest. Unstable on his twisted ankle, Josh smacks into a tree headfirst. Emily rushes after him and hides in the brush, separating from Cara and Parish.

In the commotion, Cara gets shot in the hip and loses consciousness as Parish gets ripped to shreds by the two wolves sent by the yet unseen antagonist. The following day, Emily wakes up to realize Josh has died from his fall. She finds Parish’s gun and keys, heads to the patrol car and drives off, only to meet with Olaf, Sven’s missing companion. He informs her of a cabin in the forest where he was held, and runs back into the woods when Emily asks to be taken there.

Cara and Tristan wake up trapped in said cabin, belonging to “The Vet”. He unties the couple and invites them to escape,
only to release his animals after them. As the wolves close in on the couple, one of them gets hit in the chest by a
bullet! Emily, gun in hand, shoots the animal until it drops. We hear The Vet’s whistle in the distance and the second beast runs back into the woods. Emily, Cara and Tristan make their way to the patrol car and drive off in haste. In the backseat, Cara gets shot in the head by the Vet’s precision rifle.

Devastated by the loss, Tristan decides its time to fight back and grabs a shotgun from the back of the patrol car. He and Emily head back into the park with a vengeance. They come across a silhouetted man in the fog, and run him down with the car. Emily goes to check the body, revealing it belongs to Sven, the climber met earlier in this story.

Simultaneously, the Vet’s truck appears on the road ahead. Tristan fires at the truck and miraculously pierces a tire. The truck crashes into the police car, tipping to its side at the last moment! Without missing a beat, The last wolf pounces on Tristan. Emily spots a climbing axe attached to Sven’s backpack and slams it into the animal’s skull, killing it instantly. The Vet gets out the truck and faces off with Emily. As Tristan lies on the ground, seriously injured, when police cars gather behind the group, warning everyone to drop their weapons. Realizing he’s trapped, The Vet pulls a gun and manages to get one round off, shooting Tristan in the head. Police officers unload bullets, killing The Vet as we




EMILY - 30s - FEMALE - 1st LEAD


Charming, not necessarily drop dead gorgeous but with that something that keeps you under her spell. She is a freelance photographer and an independent young woman with an astute creative energy. She wrestles with infidelity in her marriage with Josh and longs for a call froma higher power to give her life meaning.
An unlikely heroin, Emily is flawed and struggles throughout the duration of the film with her decision-making and inability to truly connect with the outside world. Nature is her salvation and as the story progresses, she gradually finds the hunger for life she had been missing.

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Lauren Beatty

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Kacey Rohl

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Aubrey Peeples



Josh’s best friend and business partner, he is extremely fit and has a background in martial arts. Always down for a joke, he is the goofball of the group. He grew up without his dad and has thus developed a strong will and thick skin from his mother. Tristan dreads the birth of his child as he feels he won’t be up to the task, not having had a father figure of his own. He hides his insecurities under turning everything into a joke and distancing himself from painful conversations.

Tristan is madly in love with Cara, he sees a lot of his mother in her and enjoys following her lead.

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Shamier Anderson

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 12.00.55 PM.png

Daryl McCormack

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 4.58.33 PM.png

Asan N'Jie

JOSH - 30s - MALE - LEAD


Josh runs a fitness business with his best friend Tristan and is an avid outdoorsman and surfer. Emily’s partner, he is a smart man with a slight temper who has become absorbed with his professional goals. He has grown to take Emily for granted when the film begins, having spent most of the last few years developing his business venture.

Josh sees the trip undertaken by the group as a chance to reignite his marriage and let go of work's constant pressure. He is slightly narcissistic but ultimately means well.

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Alexander Ludwig

Xavier Samuel.jpg

Xavier Samuel

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 6.05.30 PM.png

Philip Ettinger

CARA - 30s - MALE - LEAD

Native / First Nation / Hispanic

A strong and sassy girl with beautiful features. She is a nurse and cares about humans and animals alike. She is in a relationship with Tristan. Although independent, she does like to be taken care of and believes in chivalry. She was raised with strong traditional Christian values and cherishes the idea of marriage as a sacred bond. Cara sees Emily and Josh’s relationship as a model to follow for her own, as she is unaware of the many challenges they are facing.

She begins this journey several months pregnant and is excited to take some time off from the hospital and relax before the birth of her child. Suffice to say, the trip proves to become quite the opposite.

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Devery Jacobs


Tanaya Beatty

Nathalie Emmanuel.jpg

Nathalie Emmanuel


Native / First Nation / Hispanic

A National Park Ranger with a clouded mind, Ranger Tommy is a gritty and austere looking fellow.  Under increasing pressure to keep the people and animals in the park safe, Tommy falls victim to one of the beast after helping our protagonists on their quest to find their missing friend.

Kim Coates.jpg

Kim Coates

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.jpg

Jefferey Dean Morgan



Newman is an experienced career policeman who’s on the trail of the antagonist in this movie. A man with an imposing figure and a no-nonsense attitude, he is called to the park to investigate yet another odd disappearance, but his bravado and confidence is cut short.

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Udo Kier

Callum Keith Rennie.jpg

Callum Keith Rennie


The story takes place in a remote mountain range, in a slightly futuristic version of our present where technological advancements have permeated but not transformed society as we know it. The world has limited natural resources and a preserved National Park is a rare thing, hence the trip taken by our protagonists and their excitement at the thought of seeing wildlife.

Thematically, this places the story in line with contemporary issues of our times as it is a comment on humanity’s impact on climate change, and the potential repercussions it is likely to have on future generations. It also wrestles with themes generally reserve for the western genre, of civilization vs wilderness, with the antagonist becoming a symbol of the fight against wildlife decimation and the destruction of the natural world.

Set on the edges of the sci-fi genre, Feeder blends gore imagery over a breathtaking backdrop of nature without compromising on character development. This film is a satisfying horror thriller that delivers on multiple levels and acts as a cautionary tale for our species. It's an adventure where the audience is encouraged to route for the flawed protagonists, knowing that this kind of story never ends well for the parties involved.





*Selected as a Finalist - Nightmares Film Festival 2020*


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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Reel Inde

*Nominated for Best Thriller Short - Nightmares Film Festival 2019*